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Got Kids?   Got Teens?   Got Rolling Eyes?
In Reality, we all do!  

Kids challenge us and pull away from us...and it's all natural and normal.
But with some effort, amazing connections and memories can be made
with consistent, creative, fun time spent together.  

Family First is a pre-planned all done-for-you monthly membership
designed to assist busy, over scheduled, and possibly disconnected families
re-connect during the growing years.

Through dedicated time together, we will help you build strong connections
and make lasting memories (and art you'll actually love for your walls!)
and traditions to last for generations!

And Family Art is the Best Art!

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  • Pre-prepared done-for-you art projects delivered monthly to save you research time

  • Takes the pressure off you to plan it all

  • Dilutes the arguments over what to do (already decided for you!)

  • Gets everyone off screens and in sync with each other

  • You get new family created art for your home or to give as gifts!

  • Let's you get to the main point....having fun TOGETHER!

Because just like anything with's all about theTime! 

Sisterly Art Consultation
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Family Paint Night!
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Sister's Enjoying Art with the Family First Art Program
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Family Paint Night!
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Mother-Daughter Bonding at Paint Night!
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Mother-Son Art Creation Time!
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Rauzi Family Paint Night Fun!
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Mother-Daughter Collaboration Painting
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3 Important Reasons to be More Creative as a Family

  1. Creativity predicts a longer life

According to James Clear, creating art decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves medical outcomes. Not only can being creative help you live longer, but it can improve your quality of life and health, too.  

2. Creating art builds stronger problem solving skills

Being creative helps everyone in the family become better at problem solving in all areas of life and work. 

3. Working together develops confidence

Engaging in the creative process as a family is a great confidence builder, because you discover that failure is part of the artistic process. Once we see failure as something that is survivable, and something that helps us grow as a person and as a family unit, we can release the fear and try new things even at the risk of failing.....because above all else...ART IS FUN!

Sisters and Friends Being Creative Together!
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Multi-Generational Creative Art Time!
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Brother-Sister Art Fun!
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Husband-Wife Paint Night Date Night!
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As we all know,
families that create together, have fun together!

Family Paint Night Enjoying Being Creative and Making Art Together with the Family First Art Program at Sage Brush Art Studio With Tanya Belz Rauzi


Empowering Families thru Art

We empower families with growing kids to stay connected by providing creative activities so that they can strengthen their relationships and consistently set aside time for each other in a creative atmosphere.

Benefits of Putting 
Family First


You've already done the hard work.....

You raised them to this stage...


Now is the time to enjoy each other's company!



Spending Time Together sets an important precedence that Family comes First...

  cause time is fleeting.

The one way

to improve

family dynamics

is TIME.



Time Together Builds Connections to last

for Generations.

There is one way to improve family connections...


and ART is FUN!



Doing Creative Activities Together Brings Joy, 

Laughter, Fun,

and Happiness.

The Family First Art

Program can Assist you to set aside TIME, improve your CONNECTIONS and bring JOY to your family life!

Brother-Sister Paint Night!
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Siblings and Friends Being Creative Together!
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Family Tree Collaboration Art Project
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Family Paint Night Fun!
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Couples Night Out Date Night Paint Night!
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Friends Painting and Being Creative Together!
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Boys of all Ages Love Art!
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Brother-Sister Art Collaboration Fun!
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Let's face it.....Teenagers beat us down!  

It's their job!  

So, if we can't beat 'em, we gotta join 'em....

or at least meet them in the middle...

  • No more wasted time trying to find activities for your kids or family to do

  • No more arguments over what to do or whose turn it is to choose

  • No more slamming doors or rolling eyes

  • Build connections

  • Laugh

  • Start traditions


  • Create Magic!

Sage Brush Art Studio Tanya Belz Rauzi Family First Art Program

Who can do these monthly projects? How do you define family?

Any combination of family and freinds can participate!


Here are a few suggestions, but these are not the only combinations:








With the grandparents

In-person or on a Zoom


With a neighbor

Mom's Paint and Wine Night with Girlfriends

Date Night for Mom and Dad

Birthday Party Activity

With college age kids on a Zoom

With college age kids when they come home to reconnect

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein


  • It is the first offering of an on-line membership and will be at the lowest price point it will ever be offered


  • The 2nd launch will be double the Founding Member price


  • In exchange for joining before the entire program goes live, you will have the opportunity to help craft the offer by answering some simple questions

  • Your low price will stay at this rate even when the price increases

  • Membership will open 2 times a year....September and January


Frequently Asked Questions

What will we get each month with the Family First Art Program Membership?

  1. One Monthly Family Friendly Project that you can do in one session, or you can choose to seperate the project into 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks depending on your famiy schedule that month and the amount of time you will be dedicating each week to making Family First.
  2. Optional weekly activities related to the monthy project theme.
  3. Bonus In-between arts and crafts ideas for the kids/adults who can't get enough.
  4. Supply List and substitution suggestions.
  5. Life-time access to all content as long as you are a member.
  6. Access to a private Facebook Community of like-minded parents to learn from, to help with accountability to keep your family on track and commited, answer questions, and connect. Great place to ask questions of other parents!
  7. Access to Creative Guide for answering questions, etc.

How much time will each project take each month?

This is totally dependant on your family and the project. But, about an hour is a great goal to set and will alllow you to stretch some projects out over the month. But, honestly, about the time of a movie is a common amount of time. It all depends on what you are adding to this time dinner before, or appetizers or snacks while creating, a walk, etc. Setting time aside for the family to be together is the goal and the amount of time is not the important part....the consistancy and the quality of the time together is what will matter and will re-inforce the importance of putting Family First.

What supplies will we need?

Artists love to work minimaly with available supplies and love to use found objects and recycling materials. Why? It enhances the creativity gene to think outside the box. The goal here is to promote creativity and sometimes not having the "perfect" supply is the perfect way to get everyone thinking outside the box. So, don't be inclined to rush right out and buy all the best art supplies. Not having exactly what you needs instills skills such as inventivenss, adapability, resourcefullness and more. Even when a member of the family gets frustrated with an art supply not working right they learn determination. So much life lessons to be learned, practiced and mastered while making art! Here is a suggestion of possible supplies for the whole year for those who want to plan ahead (a supply list will also come with each project each month, as well as substitution suggestions)....but, the best place to start is to gather all the supplies already in your home and get them all in one place. Being organized with your workspace can make your time together also less frustrating, as you won't have to spend time searching. See below for info on setting up your work space.

What kind of a work space will we need so we don't mess up our house?

This will be key for you to prep prior to your first painting session if you are concerned about the mess that can be made while making art. But, my best advice is that the best part about art is that it is messy! Covering the floor and the table will be best to help eliminate any stress around this....and a space that you are ok with getting messy in can also make the experience more fun (play room, patio, garage, craft room, on the grass, unused dining room or rarely used guest room, etc. can all work as perfect dedicated art spaces!). A dedicated space would be perfect, but if you cannot leave it set up in-between sessions, just have a tub or basket/s available to keep all your supplies together to make it a quick set-up and clean-up process. An art cart can also be helpful to roll away when not using. You can find these at Michael's, Ikea, Target, Amazon, or most hobby/art stores. Involve everyone in the set-up and clearn-up process....this can also be good quality family time. In fact, this will be your first session once you join. But, know your family. Maybe you need to assign tasks, or draw straws, or put all the tasks in a bowl and everyone picks who does what, or rotate tasks. Including the kids in this process is a great way to get them invested. Let them get creative with the set-up, and try your hardest to let them be. Watching them create can be an amazing experience in itself. Do whatever it takes to remove any argument or eye rolling away....and do what you know works best for your crew. A folding table, old table, or unused dining table can be the perfect space. Cover this table with butcher paper or newspaper (paper absorbs liquids and is better than plastic) or you could even use an old cloth table cloth you dont mind getting covered in paint. If it is a good table, cover with plastic first, then cover with paper. It will proably take a few sessions to get your space just the way that works best for you, so embrace the unknown and let it unfold.

When will we receive the monthy project?

You will receive the monthly main project and all the bonuses on the first of every month. From there, you can map out your month and how it will all best fit your family. Doing once a month? How about the First Friday?....Family First Friday! Sunday or Monday evenings are a very popular choice, too. Once per week? Try to pick a day that does not usually have alot of commitments associated with it. Sunday or Monday evenings are a very popular choice. Note: There will not be a main project in Dec, April, or August to allow for catch-up and time to finish unfinished projects. Artists call this implemention time. During these "off" months, there will be an optional delivery of craft ideas around the holidays for families who like to create regularly. But, having time to finish is just as important as starting new projects, so try to set a goal to finish projects before starting a new one as this entire program is to encourage art making and not create stress or frustration if things are not finished "on time." On time is your time, so keep it that way. You have access to all monthly projects, so they can be done at any time, during any month. Dec, April and August are meant to be implementation and catch-up months. Only show your family the optional items for these months if you are caught up or want more creative time! Don't worry, all these projects will be here for you to do when it best fits your schedule for ever and no hurry, no pressure.

What age group is this program for?

The Family First Art Program membership was designed for families with tweens and teens after so many families started coming to Paint Nights at the in-person studio, but it can be enjoyed by everyone. We began to see the power of creating together and the value it gave parents at ages when kids traditioanlly begin to pull away. Children under age 7 might need more assistance from parents than older kids, but again, all projects can be adapted to the needs or your family at any age. If you ever get stuck on how to do this, just send a note to Tanya and she will assist you.

Who can do this program - especially non-traditional families?

Any combination of family and freinds can participate. Here are a few suggestions, but these are not the only combinations: Family Siblings Mother-daughter Mother-son Father-daugher Father-son With the grandparents In-person or on a Zoom Playdates With a neighbor Mom's Paint and Wine Night with Girlfriends Date Night for Mom and Dad Birthday Party Activity With college age kids on a Zoom With college age kids when they come home to reconnect

What if some family members are not "creative?"

Just like with most activities that a family participates in, not everyone will like it or be skilled at it. But, sometimes those things tried are the very things that end up being a surprise favorite! Being creative is one of those skills that flows over into all aspects of our lives and it is also a skill that needs to be practiced just like anything else. So, it is not that someone is not creative, they are just out of practice. Just make sure and reinforce that it is about the fun of doing it together that matters most, and not the end product. But, just watch....I bet you all will totally surprise yourself at what you and your family create!

Will every project be a painting?

Nope. While painting is a big part of this program, there will be lots of ways to paint on lots of different objects and plenty of projects with no painting at all. Check out the photos in the photo gallery and see some of the potential projects that you will be making over time. And remember, all projects can be adapted to your family needs. Don't have paint? Use colored pencils or felt pens or crayons! It is about the TIME, not the supply.


It is a community of like-minded parents/families and an on-going resource for family creative fun

In this monthly membership you will receive:

  • Monthly Art Class for Families

  • Monthly Themes for conversation starters and additional family fun activities

  • Bonus Activities, Games, and Projects for the in-between Times

  • Monthly Supply List and Tips for Substitutions

  • Private Facebook Group Community Page filled with like-minded parents and bonus content

  • Surprises!



Thanks for submitting! We will let you know as soon as the program starts!


Sage Brush Art Studio Tanya Belz Rauzi Family First Art Membership

Michelle, workshop adult student and parent of students

I particularly like the workshops as they teach me and my kids something new and since I am so busy with work,  having a set day and time for it is really helpful. 

Sage Brush Art Studio Tanya Belz Rauzi Family First Art Membership

Sarah, adult student and
parent of students since 2016

Sage Brush has provided me, a crafty non-artist, and my kids with the skills and confidence to create meaningful pieces my family and I are so proud of. 

Sage Brush Art Studio Tanya Belz Rauzi Family First Art Membership

Ava, student since 2016,
now age 15

Sage Brush is a safe place where me and my family can express ourselves through art and I love learning new techniques and projects. 

Art Gallery of Family Art Projects